«Following the steps of the Fairies»

Every afternonn, we were starting from Mousoulou and, through the village, we were heading to Patela, we passed Milelio, Empoli, Maganar. We were listening the geltle flow of the water, we were making the sign og the cross outside Saint Mama, lit the candle to Saint James and Saint Mark and we ate in Gellidokamara in Kakovolo. I was wondering when we could see the Fairies…

2nd Route
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«Following the steps of the Fairies»

Starting from Myrsini (Entrance B – Bus Stop), the experience begins by traversing the village’s alleys. We enter the path that leads to Livada, with the orgiastic nature accompanying us throughout the tour. After a short rest stop we end up at Gellidokamara (finishing point) and under the age-old oak we eat and read Tinian fairytales.


7 χλμ




3 hours



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